Some safety improvements are being eyed for one of Vincennes’ busiest streets.

Tim Salters, who serves as the Promotional and Marketing Director of the Vincennes Community School Corporation, and represents District 5 on the City Council, asked to be placed on the council’s agenda last night to start the conversation about increased safety on Washington Avenue near Gregg Park.

Salters notes, because Gregg is the city’s busiest park, and because upwards of 500 VCSC students will be passing through the area this Fall as part of the corporation’s Franklin Elementary renovations, he would like to see increased traffic safety measures in the area.

Salters says increasing safety is something we’re all responsible for.

A number of ideas were discussed at the meeting. Additional crosswalks can’t be added just yet, as they must be anchored on each side by a sidewalk, something the stretch of Washington Avenue won’t have until after an upcoming renovation in 2022.

Most notably, the idea of the city purchasing mobile radar detectors, similar to those used by the Vincennes Police Department.

Police Chief Dusty Luking says, while the units aren’t cheap, in his department’s experience, they are effective. The city is expected to be presented various quotes on similar devices in the future.