The newly elected Vincennes City Council had their first meeting of 2020 last night.

Before their regularly scheduled meeting, the council had to hold their annual reorganizational meeting.

Tim Salters was voted in as City Council President, while Brian Grove will hold the role of Vice President.

Councilman Grove has also been appointed to the Pantheon Board.

New council member, Marc McNeece, has been appointed to sit on the Knox County Area Plan Commission.

Marc McNeece as well Greg Parsley, Vincennes Community School Superintendent, will continue to be on the Vincennes Redevelopment Commission. McNeece was previously a Mayoral appointment on the RDC. Parsley, previously a non-voting member of the RDC, will now be a voting member.

Tim Salters will hold a seat on the Solid Waste Board, while John Stangle agreed to be the newest member of the Urban Enterprise Association.