The Knox County Commissioners began the process today of crafting their budget for 2021.

All indications are that the spending plan will remain the same as 2020 with the exception of expenses that cannot be controlled like health, liability and unemployment insurance.

Commissioners’ President Kellie Streeter read a portion of a letter sent to the commissioners from the County Council which stated the budget, including salaries should not exceed the 2020 numbers.

The council also informed the commissioners that they would look unfavorably at any additional appropriations in 2021 unless there was a good reason.

The council’s letter also said they would look favorably at a staff reduction by attrition.

The county has taken on some additional staff in the past year with the additions that came from the Bicknell Police Department dissolving and added deputies on duty at the courthouse.

The county council will hold budget hearings August 14th through the 16th when they will be consider approving budgets from the commissioners and other county departments.