A Lawrenceville, Illinois man received his sentence for his role in the death of a Vincennes man.

Robert Hutchinson appeared in court on Thursday.

Hutchinson faced charges of murder while attempting to commit a burglary.

His charges are tied to the death of Christopher Melton.

Authorities said he was found dead in a home on North 6th street in Vincennes in 2015.

The Knox County Prosecutor’s office entered a plea deal with Hutchinson in exchange for testifying against two other people.

They are Jack Harris and Robert Malone.

A judge sentenced Hutchinson to 25 years.

20 of those years will be served in prison followed by five years probation afterwards.

The Knox County Prosecutor’s office said Hutchinson’s case was delayed for several reasons.

They include the death of one of the co-defendants and the conclusion of a federal trial for another.

Covid-19 also caused a delay in the case.

Prosecutor Dirk Carnahan says he hopes the family will be able to move forward with healing now that the case has come to a close.