The Knox County Council this week agreed to loan the town of Wheatland $115,000.

Wheatland Town Officials are in the process of securing funding to build a sewer system which the town has never had.

Wheatland has been receiving fines for years by the Indiana Department of Environmental Management for not having proper wastewater management.

The town has partnered with the USDA to get a loan to pay for a system.

USDA says they can’t offer a loan under a bond agreement since Wheatland has no sewer utilities and nothing to bond with.

USDA suggested the town ask the county for a loan.

Town Board President Brett Dawson says USDA could then release funds for the federal loan.

Dawson went before the Commissioners last week asking for the loan and it was granted pending County Council approval which was received on Wednesday.

It is an interest free loan to be paid back by December 2022.

The $115,000 will be used to pay for preliminary design and engineering.