Two Vincennes women and three teen girls are headed to the Miss Indiana and Miss Indiana Outstanding Teen Competition.



21-year-old Ellie Barmes who is currently Miss Southern Heartland; and 22-year old Anastasia Sharp-Keller who is Miss Ball State University, are among those vying for Miss Indiana.



Locals in the Miss Indiana Outstanding Teen are the current Miss White River’s Outstanding Teen is Jaelyn Grumieaux, 16, of Vincennes. She attends South Knox High School;  Miss Kiwanis Balloon Fest’s Outstanding Teen Isabella Lange, 15, of Vincennes who is a student at Lincoln; and  Miss Southern Heartland’s Outstanding Teen Ariana Patricio, 16, of Vincennes also a student at Lincoln.

The contest starts next Wednesday, June 16th and runs through Saturday June 19th.

Top prizes include college scholarships.

Others from Southern Indiana that will be there are Abigail Walker of Washington and Priscilla Olson of Ireland.

The event was cancelled because of the pandemic last year.

Winners go on to be in the Miss America and Miss America’s Outstanding Teen contests.

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