Vincennes Police are reminding the public of the law when it comes to yielding to emergency vehicles.

The department reports they’ve noticed in recent weeks that motorists have not been slowing down, pulling over, or making way for police cars running with lights and sirens rushing to emergency calls.

State laws do require yielding the right of way to police, fire, and ambulances with their lights and sirens on. A driver should immediately pull over and stop as close to the right-hand edge or curb of the road.  You must stay stopped until the emergency vehicle has passed.

Also if you approaching a stationary emergency vehicle with its lights activated you should proceed with caution and yield the right of way by making a lane change not adjacent to the emergency vehicle if possible and reduce your speed to at least 10 miles below the posted speed limit.

The Vincennes PD is asking that everyone please be aware of their surroundings and yield to emergency vehicles so officers and other emergency personnel can get to an emergency situation safely.