One local 911 dispatch will begin using a survey to determine how well they are doing their job.

First City News spoke with Knox County Central Dispatch Executive Director Rob McMullen about what the public can expect when it comes to these surveys.

McMullen says you’ll receive a survey after you make a 911 call to give feedback on how the dispatchers are doing their job.

He says that this department averages about 40 calls per day, or about 1,200 per month.

McMullen aims to get back at least half or a quarter of the surveys they send out.

This survey wasn’t started due to any issues inside the department, but to relay positive feedback to dispatch or inform them of a bad experience.

McMullen thinks it will help morale since 911 dispatchers sometimes go unnoticed.

Knox County Central Dispatch is the first Indiana county to begin using this survey.

McMullen asks that you be honest when filling out the survey to ensure problems don’t go overlooked.

The survey will be going live Wednesday, January, 19th.