A new historical marker at Kimmell Park will honor the park’s namesake.

During the Great Depression, Vincennes Mayor Joseph Kimmell procured WPA funds to construct Kimmell Park near Vincennes University.

In 2015, the city transferred ownership to the university. Three million dollars in improvements soon followed.

To pay homage to Mayor Kimmell, an historical marker near the park’s limestone shelter house was erected this week.

In addition, the Kimmell family has established a full ride scholarship for students pursuing bachelor’s degrees.  The scholarship is for those attending VU for 2 years then continuing at Indiana’s First College or attending another accredited university to earn their bachelor’s.

The family says they wanted to keep the memory of Joseph Kimmell alive while contributing to the education of future leaders.

They say the causes most dear to Mayor Kimmell were the city, the university, and educating and helping those most in need.

VU President Chuck Johnson says they are humbled to receive the generous support from Kimmell’s family.

Johnson said it will have a positive impact on the lives of future generations of VU students.