“We’ve learned a lot but not everything.”

That’s what Emergency Services Director Tim Benningfield had to say to the County Commissioners Tuesday in his first report since Good Samaritan Hospital became the county’s ambulance provider.

He says after three months into the service, they are ready to continue building their leadership as two supervisors and other positions are being named this week.

Part of the contract calls for the ambulance service which now has 4 trucks, to provide monthly reports and Benningfield delivered the first one Tuesday.

He says as of September 30th, the service as responded to 1,550 calls, made over 1.000 transports and responded to 375 calls that were later cancelled.

Benningfield says the average response time is 10 minutes and is due to the geographical size of the county. He says because Knox County is so big, response times are going to be 8 to 10 minutes.

Benningfield went on to say that the busiest day of the week seems to be Monday when 16 percent of calls come in while the least busiest day is Saturday when around 13 percent of the calls are received.