A local mayor is once again running for re-election.

Mayor Thomas Estabrook is running for his third term as Mayor of the city of Bicknell.

In that time, Estabrook has addressed issues that the public brought to him when he first ran for office.

From over 100 blighted properties being demolished to new roads and infrastructure.

Nearly $4 million has been invested in roads in the last seven years.

Estabook is proud to have been a part of the continued growth in Bicknell.

If re-elected he says he wants to start focusing on the community development phase.

Estabrook says early on he knew that no one would invest in Bicknell if they didn’t invest in it themselves.

He says those strategies have been effective with new businesses like RTC and development in the Industrial Park.

Right now, Estabrook is currently unopposed.

The Primary Elections are set for May 2nd.