Winter weather is approaching and the Indiana Department of Transportation is prepared.

First City News spoke to INDOT spokesperson Gary Brian about the impending storm.

Compared to the storm around the Christmas holiday, Brian says it won’t be as cold.

He says they have been in contact with the National Weather Service, who informed them that in the Vincennes area temperatures will hover around 32 to 34 degrees meaning there will be a rain-snow mixture.

Further north in Sullivan and Greene County are expected to get more snow, while the southern counties will be seeing more slush.

Brian says starting at midnight crews will be starting 12-hour shifts to ensure roads remain safe.

Brian continues by saying there are a lot of smart people at INDOT that are prepared to handle whatever weather comes.

If you have to travel on Wednesday make sure to check out the TrafficWise app or head to to see traffic cameras, plows, and conditions on where you may be headed.

Brian also preaches an emergency car kit.

Make sure to pack a phone charger, extra clothes, blankets, snacks, kitty litter, and other items that will help if you get stuck.