Privacy Policy

We have created this privacy statement in order to demonstrate our commitment to the privacy of any information you may provide to us. This policy discloses our information gathering and dissemination practices for this website (, as well as any other Web sites owned or operated by WVUT-TV.

We will do our very best to ensure the privacy of any identifiable information (such as full name, address, e-mail address, telephone number and/or other identifiable information) you may provide to us.

The support from our individual members and donors is critical to fulfilling WVUT-TV’s mission of community service. WVUT-TV conducts our fundraising in compliance with nationally established guidelines while ensuring that our member’s trust and faith in us is deserved.

WVUT-TV maintains lists of names, addresses, giving history, programming interests and other pertinent data for those who have supported us financially or otherwise have indicated an interest in our organization’s programming or activities.

WVUT-TV does not sell or exchange its member or donor lists with any Non-affiliated Third Party.

On occasion, WVUT-TV provides its list to vendors who conduct work or an activity for WVUT-TV. WVUT-TV requires all vendors to maintain the confidentiality of WVUT-TV’S files and confidential information and to adhere to a policy of not exchanging, selling, or otherwise disclosing the organization’s member, donor and underwriter lists.

WVUT-TV will adhere to all federal, state and local laws.

WVUT-TV is required to disclose the identity of all donors who provide direct funding for any program produced by WVUT-TV.

WVUT-TV may publish a list of members and donors (for example, as part of our Annual Report.) This listing may indicate a monetary range into which each member or donor’s gift falls. If you wish to be excluded from any such listing, contact us at

WVUT-TV will also comply with the Corporation for Public Broadcasting guidelines for list activities. These guidelines require WVUT-TV to annually certify compliance with laws and regulations of the Internal Revenue Service regarding tax-exempt status, and with all federal laws and regulations governing political activity and lobbying.

WVUT-TV will not rent or purchase any mailing list that is politically affiliated including, but not limited to, political organizations, campaigns and committees.

WVUT-TV will not collect personally identifiable information from you, other than what you supply to us on a voluntary basis. We may collect certain non-personal information to optimize our Web pages for your computer (i.e., the identity of your Internet browser, the type of operating system you use, your IP address and the domain name of your Internet service provider). We may use such non-personal information for internal purposes, including but not limited to improving the content of our website.

In order to participate in some activities, you might be asked to provide some personally identifiable information. This could be in connection with the following:

  • contest or sweepstakes registration
  • services which require subscription (such as email newsletters)
  • WVUT membership/support submission
  • content submissions, community postings (i.e., forums, bulletin boards, community events), comments and suggestions or voting

You should recognize that if you choose not to voluntarily submit requested information, you may not be eligible for those activities for which personally identifiable information is needed.

In the event WVUT wants to collect information for purposes other than those set forth in this policy, WVUT will notify you when we are collecting personally identifiable information about you and how we intend to use it.

Personally identifiable information that members, donors, viewers and visitors provide to WVUT or submit to our sites is used only for the purpose for which it is submitted unless we disclose other uses in this Privacy Policy or at the time of collection. Such other uses may include sending our constituents information about WVUT programs, services, or membership, sending you information or materials we think you will find interesting, or sharing the information with select third party companies or organizations.

WVUT maintains a membership/customer database with the email address, name and postal address, telephone number and other personally identifiable information of persons who have provided such information to WVUT by mail, telephone or emailing us with questions about membership, submitting an on-line membership contribution (making an on-line pledge) or sending us an email about our programs or services. By supplying WVUT with an email address, telephone number or postal address you may receive future communications from WVUT via email, telephone or mail. WVUT will not willfully disclose your personal information to any third party, in adherence to established practices, without first receiving your permission.

Acceptance of WVUT’s Privacy Policy

By using this site, you signify your agreement to the terms and conditions of this WVUT Privacy Policy. If you do not agree to these terms and conditions, please do not use the site. We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to change, modify, add, or remove portions of this policy at any time. Please check this page periodically for any changes. Your continued use of WVUT site following the posting of any changes to these terms shall mean that you have accepted those changes. If you have any questions or concerns, please email the general manager.


Diversity Policy

WVUT-TV strives to ascertain that its staff are reflective of the diverse population it serves. Additionally, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting’s (CPB) Diversity Eligibility Criteria require public media organizations to adopt formal goals for diversity and to report annually on steps taken to work toward those goals. These actions are required for all stations receiving Community Service Grants funds (CSG).

To that end, WVUT-TV has set the following diversity goals:

  • To recruit and retain a diverse workforce that is representative of our service area.
  • To provide equal opportunity in employment.
  • To educate our management and staff annually in best practices for maintaining an inclusive and diverse environment for all persons.
  • To assist in developing a more diverse future workforce with professional skills in the broadcasting/media industry by recruiting diverse candidates for WVUT-TV internship opportunities and/or by participating in minority or other diversity job fairs.

For more information on WVUT-TV’s EEO Outreach and EEO Activities, please visit WVUT-TV’s online public file. For more information on WVUT-TV’s Diversity Policy, please read our Annual Diversity Report


Political Candidates

WVUT-TV does not sell commercial time of any kind, including time to candidates for public office, and does not sell, rent, give or exchange a member or donor name to, with or from any candidate for public office, committees or organizations supporting a candidate, political parties, or organizations that solicit funds for use in political campaigns for any purpose.


CSG Fund Policy

It is WVUT-TV’s policy to expend Community Service Grant (CSG) funds in accordance with the requirements of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and generally accepted accounting principles. Under current CPB policy, WVUT-TV can use CSG funds for one of seven categories of expenses:

1. Programming and Production;    2. Broadcasting, Transmission and Distribution;    3. Program Information and Promotion;    4. Fundraising and Membership Development;    5. Underwriting and Grant Solicitation;    6. Management and General; and    7. Purchase, Rehabilitation or Improvement of Capital Assets.

This policy applies to all WVUT-TV staff and board members, who may oversee, expend or account for WVUT-TV’S CSG funds. Specific expenditures allowed under this policy are as follows:

1. Programming, Production and Services

  • Fees or dues to acquire broadcast rights for programs or series or rights to use or adapt published materials
  • Program or web content planning and research (script writing, printing, and consulting)
  • Directors, producers, cast, stagehands, engineers, technicians, and other personnel involved
  • Rental of facilities or production equipment
  • Space, supplies, and other station resources used
  • Repair and maintenance of programming and production equipment
  • Depreciation and amortization of station equipment and leasehold improvements used

2. Broadcasting, Transmission and Distribution

  • Scheduling programs for airing
  • Repair and maintenance of broadcasting equipment
  • Depreciation of antennae, transmission, and other broadcasting equipment
  • Distribution and interconnection fees
  • Web hosting and streaming fees

3. Program Information and Promotion

  • Producing or acquiring “spots” designed for the promotion of specific programs
  • Materials and related supplies used for promoting programs and services
  • Advertising in newspapers or other media
  • Preparing, reproducing, and distributing program guides
  • Travel and related expenses of promotion
  • Dues or fees related to this function
  • Supporting services

4. Fundraising and Membership Development

  • Solicitation of underwriting funds and grants
  • Membership development
  • Acquiring and distributing fundraising material
  • Designing, printing, and distributing leaflets or posters for fundraising
  • Meetings for improving fundraising techniques
  • Services of fundraising consultants and talent
  • Developing and maintaining contributor records
  • Committee meetings dealing with fundraising policies and issues, including the preparation of minutes and reports of such meetings
  • Program and production costs of broadcast appeals for funds
  • Mailing costs related to fundraising
  • Direct costs of special fundraising activities and auctions

5. Underwriting and Grant Solicitation

6. Management and General

  • Human resource administration, including recruiting, retention, and benefit programs
  • Accounting, auditing, and budgeting
  • Information technology systems and support services, where not specifically devoted to other functions
  • Legal services of a general (non-program) nature
  • All occupancy costs not specifically identifiable with other functions
  • Office functions that provide general support throughout the organization (e.g., corporate receptionists and telephone attendants, central mail services, and maintenance of corporate archives)
  • Maintenance of operations manuals, directors committee lists, and expenses related to governing board, PACT, or administrative committee meetings
  • Depreciation of buildings, furnishings, and equipment used in management and general functions
  • Dues for public broadcasting station membership

7. Purchase, Rehabilitation or Improvement of Capital Assets