Vincennes PBS Education & Community Outreach

As a part of the mission of Vincennes PBS, we are pleased to offer a FREE service to parents, guardians, and area educators of all varieties. Through PBS Learning Media, we can help connect you to the thousands of educational resources that can help enhance any lesson for your students and audience.

Allyson Bowers serves as our Education & Community Outreach Coordinator. Allyson’s goal is to be a resource for all educational entities in our viewing area.  She’s excited to start working with public and private schools, home-school parents and co-ops, and libraries.

PBS offers countless FREE educational materials for all ages, grades, and subject matters!  

Our goal is to enhance educator practice and equitable student learning through educational resources that are:

  • Available to teachers and students at no cost for educational use
  • Relevant, accessible, and trustworthy
  • Intentionally designed to supplement classroom instruction
  • Representative of diverse perspectives and communities, including underrepresented and marginalized student populations
  • Responsive to needs, trends, and current events
  • Designed to promote and support effective practices in teaching and learning with digital media

PBS Learning Media offers free and accessible resources for everyone, including curated, FREE, curriculum-aligned videos, interactives, lesson plans, and more.

This website includes content that can be searched by age, grade level, subject matter, or state standards.  There are videos, step-by-step activities, lesson plan builders, learning journals, printable worksheets, and so much more!

PBS Kids also offers Pre-K through 2nd Grade teachers standards-based professional development opportunities in an accessible format. The self-contained course environment means it is collaborative and flexible, with no additional books or software to buy.  

Interested in learning more? Reach out to Allyson at: